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​Updated July 16, 2015

Doctor's Exchange was founded in 1921. Approximately 75% of our clients are physicians, hospitals, and medical clinics. We also serve a variety of local, national and international commercial clients. We strive to be the highest quality answering and messaging service in the nation, and we believe that excellent customer service is paramount. Operator professionalism is a must.

Doctor's Exchange provides answering service solutions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

We are always open, including all holidays.

Morning shift: 6:00am-2:30pm, 5 days/week including one weekend day.
Afternoon shift: 2:30pm-11:00pm, 5 days/week including one weekend day.
Midnight shift: 11:00pm-9:00am, 4 nights/week including one weekend night.

While we answer some of our customer's phones 24 hours per day, most of our customers forward their phones to us around 5:00pm and they resume answering their phones when the office reopens.

There is a three step process that our telephone operators follow on all calls:

Answer the phone with a smile.
Take accurate and complete messages per our customers' instructions.
Deliver the message timely to the Doctor or person on-call.

Telephone Operator Requirements:
Dependability - Operators absolutely cannot miss their scheduled work shifts. It is important that we have enough experienced operators on duty at all times.

Personable - We insist on a plesant work environment. Teamwork and cooperation are essential.

Telephone Personality - Operators must be courteous at all times to all callers.
Grammar - Operators must use proper grammar and spelling. Because 75% of our clients are medical in nature, there is no margin for error when communicating in emergency situations.
Computer Knowledge - Operators must be familiar with Windows.
Typing Skills - Operators must type 35 words per minute minimum.

Operator's pay:
All operators earn $9/hour, plus a $3/hour weekly perfect attendance bonus once trained.
Training lasts four to six weeks, based on your ability to focus and learn.

Health insurance: Provided by Blue Cross / Blue Shield. We pay 50% of the employee's premium.
Dental insurance: Provided by MetLife. We pay 50% of the employee's premium.
Personal Days: After one year of full-time employment you earn ten days. After two years of full-time employment you earn fifteen days. Personal days may be used for vacation, illness, other personal needs or may be cashed in if needed.

To apply please call our Employment Hotline at (985) 292-1198 or (504) 889-6401